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Bats are a common wildlife pest. The Pest Detective provides environmentally-friendly pest control solutions for wildlife like bats in and around your home. We have exterminator offices in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Surrey, Victoria, Whistler, and the Tri-Cities area to help many homeowners deal with their bat infestation problems. Here you can find some quick facts on bats.


Bats live longer than most mammals and other wildlife of their size. Some bats, like the little brown bat, have been known to live up to 30 years in the wild.

Physical Description

Bats come in many different shapes and sizes. Bats are usually divided into two categories: Megachiroptera which are large bats and Microchiroptera which are small bats. A large bat’s wingspan can be upwards of six feet long while the smallest bat’s wingspan can be no more than an inch long.


You can find bats just about anywhere in the world except for extreme deserts and polar regions. Bats are found in caves, crevices, tree cavities, and the attics of homes and other buildings.


Up to 70% of bats eat insects, offering a natural pest control for the surrounding environment. Some bats eat fruit, nectar, or small prey like mice, birds, lizards, or frogs. Some bats eat fish and vampire bats, found in South America, suck blood.


Most people know that bats have an acute sense of hearing. Bats will emit various sounds to have echoes bounce off objects in their flight path.


A bat’s gestation period is about 40 days to 6 months (the larger the bat, the longer the gestation). Most litter sizes for bats consist of one pup.

Conservation Status

There are twelve different species of bats listed on the endangered species list and one on the threatened list.

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