Do You Have Earwigs in Your Vancouver Home?


Earwigs are one of the many pests The Pest Detective handles in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. Our exterminators offer several environmentally-friendly pest control solutions to help rid your home of earwigs. Not sure you have earwigs? Check out the facts below to help identify the pests in your home:


Earwigs are usually only one to two centimetres in length with a long, flat body. Many people find earwigs scary because of the pincers located on the back of their abdomens. However, these pincers are used for defence and for sparing with rival earwigs. Earwigs have antennae that differ in appearance depending on the sex of the insect. Male earwigs have large, curved antennae while female earwigs’ antennae are smaller and almost straight.

Colour: Shiny reddish-brown

Legs: Six

Shape: Long, flat body

Size: .59 to .79 inches

Antennae: Yes

Flying: No


Earwigs eat insect larvae, slug eggs, aphids, and other garden pest often making them beneficial to gardeners. However, these pests also feed on tender shoots, leaves, and flowering plants and vegetables. Earwigs search for food at dusk.


You can find earwigs living in cool, dark, moist places during the day. These places could be under stones, in garden rubbish, and inside wooden fences among other cracks and crevices.


Earwigs are not directly harmful to humans. They mainly cause a nuisance by wandering into homes during June and July to hide among food, clothes, and bed covers.


In order to prevent an infestation of earwigs, eliminate high moisture areas from around the outside of your home as well as near crawl spaces, faucets, and along your foundation. Be sure to direct all rain eavestroughs and down spouts away from your home’s foundation.

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